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Thu Jul 9 18:25:38 CDT 2009

Samuel Leon wrote:
> Howard Haradon wrote on 6/12/2009:
>>> Nathan wrote:
>> An idea to try and have the group work on a open source / cross
>> platform program that would maybe take a year to get done that we
>> could talk about for 15 min. or so each meeting and show off our
>> progress at the computer shows.  The program I suggested was a simple
>> one person Calendar program not aimed at a work group or a web site,
>> but one that a person might keep track of items for themselves.
>>> Nathan
>> This is something that I would like to work on, but it seems that
>> Orage pretty well covers that need for now.  Perhaps some kind
>> of financial tool like an easy version of gnucash or maybe some
>> kind of retirement planner.  Or we could look for an existing project
>> that needs help and work on that?
>> HH
> Did anything ever become of this idea?  And Howard, what was the 
> original message that you replied to?  I can seem to find it anywhere...
> Sam
Yeah I was interested also but I seem to remember the thread got 
hijacked and died.

It seems to me looking at it from my deteriorating POV is that soon the 
raises I get of 2.x to 3.0% inflation over the past 8yrs has brought me 
to bankruptcy, the 300 and the 250 stim bonuses this year fail by long 
shot to cover it. A perfect example is just 8yrs ago I bought 330' roll 
of hog fence wire 46"x330' for $79 and I just priced a roll of the same 
exact product and it is $190. Same thing with food staples, milk, bread, 
Elect cost ($24 to 102mo) has all quad in price over these oil wars that 
increase price of oil are we stupid ??? YES we are.

Nothing our Gov is doing is to benefit the working person only the elite 
class of worthless slugs that travel 1st class and have no frets.

Since I cannot see Gov handing me a helping hand to prevent me from 
having to sell my home just to eat I vote for a small one person biz 
type accounting prog, No PR just pure inventory and production control. 
some thing that would be similar to Quickbooks but having all Gov 
requirements of a normal biz optional.

Ok I will admit I have not tried to search for one lately not even since 
I switched to the penguin two yrs ago but if I am to survive I have to 
generate some money and it has to be under the table. Under the present 
rules my medical supplimental SSI has to be paid back $1 for $1 so in 
order to acchive $20 of money I could keep I would have to make over 
$1,020.00 a mo. Only way it seems is to develop a formal layer of commerce.

Yes I know this is politically incorrect but survival is approaching 
fast. Looking at real numbers not the gov BS we will not hit the bottom 
of this destruction of our nation until 2012 so the pinch has not even 

Lol I wonder what the response to this will be.... flame away, anyway I 
think some thought needs to be directed toward protection from the 
predator. The Gov is not on your side.


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