[SATLUG] Video Capture: Diff between bt848 vs 878 vs cx2388x chipsets? With per-channel Audio?

Tweeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Fri Jul 10 00:22:42 CDT 2009

Anyone know much about bt8x8 and cx2388x video capture cards?  I've only done 
stuff with tuner cards.. and am starting to put together a home security 
system based on ZoneMinder and a bunch of video cameras (see XCSSA mail list 
if interested in that).  

Anyway.. My cams all have microphones.. and I was hoping to capture both the 
video AND accompanying video from each camera.. But most of these cards only 
seem to do video.. no audio.  So I guess that I need something with a bt878a 
chipset.. no?

Anyone else done this.. and built a setup that did audio for each independent 
camera too? If so.. what card did you use?

I'm looking at something like this:
But no luck with finding one with audio yet for anywhere near the same price.


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