[SATLUG] Newer CPUs, My experience w/3gig dual core

Herb Cee hc at lookcee.com
Fri Jul 10 00:43:40 CDT 2009

I dunno if this will be of interest to anyone but I live in a RV 
campsite and have very limited elect power.  I have a 600' long Gauge 2 
extension cord running from the closest point Mid-S Elect chose to put 
the meter so I do not use and A/C.

In past yrs (from'96) I have gone from an 8086 to a P-4 and currently I 
am running a pair of P-4 Intel 3gig dual core 775 ECS boxes and an older 
750M Intel P-3. We are in a heat wave currently that has kept my local 
temp reading (Oregon Scientific home weather station) from 100 to 109.6 
almost every day for the past 5wks and using fans and shade under huge 
old Oaks inside the RV has remained under 100 usually 104 out 96 inside. 
the 109 day got to 99

These fantastic fast Intel chips are set to shut down before meltdown 
(156f) and have yet to quit. I run one box 24/7 and not one boot so far. 
In the past I could not run when temp hit 100 out I would get shutdown 
and I have burned out several CPUs. I stick my hand behind the P/S fan 
and its hot but not to hot to stand, 

I know some folks cannot use A/C for both health or financial reasons so 
I hope this helps any in this situ.

The clock is set on this box to the default lowest 200, I do not know if 
it would run at 800 max standard or not.  I read where the single core 
(same family 775) 3.2gig holds the worlds record of running at clock 
speed of 8,000 but had liquid cooling and  was a lab bench setup.

Incredible I think.  I am very glad I made this choice, had some 
guidence too, from you guys so thanks cool score, pun intended .

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