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Sam et al, here is what happened:
    Nathan wrote:

An idea to try and have the group work on a open source / cross
platform program that would maybe take a year to get done that we
could talk about for 15 min. or so each meeting and show off our
progress at the computer shows.  The program I suggested was a simple
one person Calendar program not aimed at a work group or a web site,
but one that a person might keep track of items for themselves.


Howard wrote:
This is something that I would like to work on, but it seems that
Orage pretty well covers that need for now.  Perhaps some kind
of financial tool like an easy version of gnucash or maybe some
kind of retirement planner.  Or we could look for an existing project
that needs help and work on that?


July 10 (new stuff)
The reason I mention gnucash is that I have tried it for
my personal finances and found it to be complicated to
use, an overkill, and way too much work for simple personal
record keeping.  Perhaps we could take the code and
streamline it for use by lazy people?

Another thought on this would be to create something for
a very focused niche.  Maybe some kind of tool/database
to help users diagnose and fix Wifi adapter problems on
notebook PCs?

Anyway, I suggest that we elevate this topic to become
the primary subject of our next meeting.

Please comment.

Howard Haradon

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