[SATLUG] Apologies about meeting

Don Wright satlug at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jul 11 19:15:21 CDT 2009

<president at satlug.org> wrote:

>Again, I'm sorry for missing the meeting.

It seems to have ended well, though it certainly could have started
better. First no faculty sponsor could be found, so no room.[1] The
building is still a maze due to construction, so our presenter, Enrique
Sanchez, carried his desktop system about until he found a few LUGgers
clustered in the basement. (Who says computer geeks don't get exercise?)

About 7:30 with no sign of Steve or Glenn, Storey volunteered his
conference room a few blocks away. The caravan was successful and a good
presentation was viewed by the hardy few.

We missed a previous meeting this year due to no access, and it looks
like SAC will continue to be difficult. Any suggestions where to meet
for the rest of the year?  --Don

[1] SAC is having District problems and an emergency faculty meeting may
have been the cause. Just wish someone had bothered to email the list.

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