[SATLUG] Need psu urgently

christopher.lemire at gmail.com christopher.lemire at gmail.com
Sat Jul 11 19:48:39 CDT 2009

Hello satlug, I've moved to houston and transferred from accd to hcc. I have my professor of macroeconmic's computer in my room. I purchased ram for it. Then it is running fast and I temporarily connect my dvd player/burner to it. The PSU decides to go out, this time no smoke or flares like the past. The computer is old, Compaq presario 6 series. I'm asking the group if anyone has a spare PSU. It does not need to be over 200 watts. This one says 100 watt (max) on it and running xp with 64MB ram. I now have 512MB ram in it. I plan to put the latest Ubuntu along with all the software he uses and some in wine. Originally before knowing I'd upgrade his memory, I was going to put puppy Linux on there. Does anyone have a spare PSU?

Much appreciated,
Chris Lemire
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