[SATLUG] kismet FC 11 Selinux

riugakusei at aim.com riugakusei at aim.com
Sat Jul 18 13:08:30 CDT 2009

hi i am trying to run kismet on m y laptop i amrunning FC 11 everything 
is supported so far.  i am having trouble with kismet and selinux. 
Selinux keeps preventing me from running kismet.  and i am not  well 
fmailiar with selinux.. any help is gladly appreciate it.

this is my output
[root at mimor ~]# !ki
Launching kismet_server: /usr/bin/kismet_server
Will drop privs to vega (500) gid 500
No specific sources given to be enabled, all will be enabled.
Non-RFMon VAPs will be destroyed on multi-vap interfaces (ie, 
Enabling channel hopping.
Enabling channel splitting.
NOTICE: Disabling channel hopping, no enabled sources are able to 
change channel.
Source 0 (eth1): Enabling monitor mode for madwifi_ag source interface 
wlan0 channel 6...
ERROR:  Unable to create VAP: Operation not supported
debug - open failed: /sys/class/net/wlan0/device/ Permission denied
ERROR:  Unable to create monitor-mode VAP
WARNING: wlan0 appears to not accept the Madwifi-NG controls. Will 
attempt to configure it as a standard Madwifi-old interface. If you are 
using madwifi-ng, be sure to set the source interface to the wifiX 
control interface, NOT athX
debug - open failed: /proc/sys/net/ Permission denied
FATAL: Failed to retrieve list of private ioctls 95:Operation not 
 and my source = madwifi_ag, wlan0, eth1

  my wireless card : vega at mimor Desktop]$ lspci -vvv|grep Atheros
03:00.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR242x 
802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter (rev 01)

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