[SATLUG] Getting more Linux/Unix expertise

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Sat Jul 18 17:57:43 CDT 2009

on 7/18/09 12:33 PM, Kevin Buckner said:

> I spent most of last year trying to build my experience on CentOS, 
> Puppy, Open Suse and Ubuntu Linux to prepare for certification as a 
> Linux Engineer.  I was hooked on Open Solaris, and MAC OS X as well 
> but didnt spend as much time on these other unix systems as linux. So
>  here is my question: By volunteering on open source projects could I
>  build expertise in linux or by starting a home test lab instead? Or 
> better yet getting linux + certified is the way to expertise. I did 
> want  to support in a hands on way. Please advise.

Do you want the certification, or the real-world experience?

IMO, the only Linux certification that's really worth anything are the 
ones from Red Hat, so if that's what you want then make sure you focus 
on that -- get the study books, sign up for the classes, etc.... 
Basically, prepare for the test the same way you'd prepare for any other 
major test in college like the LSAT, GRE, etc... or elsewhere in life 
like the Bar Exam, and so on.

If you want the experience and you'd be happy to get some certifications 
along the way, then helping out with open-source projects and setting up 
a lab at home for experimentation would be a good way to get started, 
and then take a look at all the Linux certifications you can find and 
see which ones look interesting to you.

Decide what it is that you really want, then make a plan to change your 
life (as necessary) and achieve those goals.  Every time there is a fork 
in the road, go back and re-visit your goals and your plan, and see if 
that fork really does fit in with what you want.

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