[SATLUG] kismet FC 11 Selinux

Todd W. Bucy toddwbucy at grandecom.net
Sat Jul 18 20:18:00 CDT 2009

riugakusei at aim.com wrote:
> hi i am trying to run kismet on m y laptop i amrunning FC 11 
> everything is supported so far.  i am having trouble with kismet and 
> selinux. Selinux keeps preventing me from running kismet.  and i am 
> not  well fmailiar with selinux.. any help is gladly appreciate it.
> this is my output
> [root at mimor ~]# !ki
> kismet
> Launching kismet_server: /usr/bin/kismet_server
> Will drop privs to vega (500) gid 500
> No specific sources given to be enabled, all will be enabled.
> Non-RFMon VAPs will be destroyed on multi-vap interfaces (ie, madwifi-ng)
> Enabling channel hopping.
> Enabling channel splitting.
> NOTICE: Disabling channel hopping, no enabled sources are able to 
> change channel.
> Source 0 (eth1): Enabling monitor mode for madwifi_ag source interface 
> wlan0 channel 6...
> ERROR:  Unable to create VAP: Operation not supported
> debug - open failed: /sys/class/net/wlan0/device/ Permission denied
> ERROR:  Unable to create monitor-mode VAP
> WARNING: wlan0 appears to not accept the Madwifi-NG controls. Will 
> attempt to configure it as a standard Madwifi-old interface. If you 
> are using madwifi-ng, be sure to set the source interface to the wifiX 
> control interface, NOT athX
> debug - open failed: /proc/sys/net/ Permission denied
> FATAL: Failed to retrieve list of private ioctls 95:Operation not 
> supported
> Done.
> and my source = madwifi_ag, wlan0, eth1
>  my wireless card : vega at mimor Desktop]$ lspci -vvv|grep Atheros
> 03:00.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR242x 
> 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter (rev 01)
I dont know much about FC11 and I know even less about selinux other 
then its a security standard developed by the NSA.  That said, my 
experience with kismet would suggest to check your permissions.  Kismet 
needs to put your wifi card in monitor mode in able to work properly.  
This usually requires root access.  Have you tried running kismet in 
root? If you need something to run kismet for pen-testing or diagnostic 
purposes consider using backtrack3 or nubuntu. 


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