[SATLUG] Low profile S/PDIF / Toslink / Coaxial bracket.

Todd W. Bucy toddwbucy at grandecom.net
Sun Jul 19 08:53:55 CDT 2009

Jonathan Hull wrote:
> I haven't posted here in quite a while so first of all I want to say
> Hello to everyone again!
> And now I have a question: A while back I built a HTPC with HDMI
> running Ubuntu. Everything works great except that audio over HDMI has
> a second or two of silence at the beginning of playback for all files
> and in all media players. I suspect it is related to the time it takes
> for the HDCP handshake, but am not certain. After much fiddling I have
> given up (I may revisit the problem later) and have decided to fall
> back to S/PDIF audio for now.
> The problem I have now is that the PC case I used for the system is
> low profile (short), and for the life of me I can not file a
> low-profile bracket/mount for the S/PDIF connector. I have several
> that are the full height but not a single low profile bracket and I
> can not find a low-profile version being sold anywhere online. I am
> starting to think no one makes it in low-profile. Does anyone here
> happen to know where I can buy one?
> The only requirements are this:
> 1) Low profile
> 2) Has Toslink optical and Coaxial digital S/PDIF connectors.
> The pin-out is not too important since I can easily change it, but it
> will be plugged into the 4 (or 7/8) pin header on ASUS brand
> motherboards.
> Here is an example of a full size version:
> http://cgi.ebay.com/Gigabyte-Motherboard-12CR1-1SPOUT-02R-SPDIF-Out-cable_W0QQitemZ260418060759QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item3ca22041d7&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=65%3A12|66%3A2|39%3A1|72%3A2123|293%3A1|294%3A50
> I simply need one like that that is shorter for the low-profile cases.
> If anyone knows where I can acquire one please let me know, I would
> much appreciate it. I fear that if I can't find one I may have to rig
> it up in some way with a different low-profile bracket or cutting down
> a full size bracket.
> Thanks, everyone!
> -Jon
I just pick up a low profile soundcard (off-brand) from Altex on I-35 a 
few weeks ago, which had sp/pdif coaxial and optical.  give them a try.  
It seems to be working fine with my LinuxMCE box.


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