[SATLUG] Getting more Linux/Unix expertise

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Sun Jul 19 19:20:38 CDT 2009

on 7/18/09 6:52 PM, Bruce Dubbs said:

>> IMO, the only Linux certification that's really worth anything are the 
>> ones from Red Hat, 
> I don't like any vendor specific certifications.  I think the LPI (Linux 
> Professional Institute) certifications are OK, but I do admit that they 
> are not as rigorous or as well known as RH.

I generally don't like vendor-specific certifications myself, but there 
are some that are actually worthwhile, and others that may be somewhat 
less worthwhile but at least carry a certain level of respect in the 
business world.  The Red Hat certs are both worthwhile and have the 
respect of the business community.  So do the Cisco certs.  Not many 
others do.

> In the long run, any certification, RHCE, MSCE, BS, MS, PhD, LLD, CPA, 
> MD, etc are only valuable to someone doing some hiring.  If they don't 
> have the ability to really evaluate your skills (and many don't), then 
> they rely on these certifications as poor substitutes.

Very true.

> Have you ever known anyone that has a large number of certifications and 
> doesn't really know squat?  I certainly have.

Yeah, and I've known some people that had what I consider to be 
worthwhile certs who were total jackasses, and not people I would want 
to work for, with, or have work for me.  So even if the cert is a good 
one, that doesn't necessarily mean that the person attached to the cert 
is one that should be hired.

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