[SATLUG] Microsoft Contributes Linux Drivers to Linux

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Mon Jul 20 22:11:50 CDT 2009

on 7/20/09 5:00 PM, Todd W. Bucy said:

> This strategy has worked very well for Microsoft when its victim is a 
> piece of proprietary software.  But how succesfull have they really been 
> at shutting down F/OSS like Firefox?

Until recently, they don't appear to have attempted to apply EEK to 
F/LOSS.  They've been operating in pure FUD mode because they couldn't 
comprehend their opponent or how to properly attack them.  Now that 
they're writing plug-ins for Firefox, it appears likely that they think 
they have found a weakness that they think they can exploit.

Whether that's true or not, is something that only time can tell.

>      It may be that M$ sees a competitive advantage in adopting a mod of 
> producing software which is more open.

They want the appearance of a certain amount of open-ness, yes.  But 
they will only tolerate a trivially small amount of any real open-ness, 
insofar as it makes them look like they're actually trying to be more 
open.  As soon as people wake up, the leopard will rediscover his spots.

>                                         In my view this is a good sign.  
> What we want after all is for M$ to change its behavior...right?

Actually, no.  A company break-up would have been the worst possible 
thing, because now you'd have multiple un-killable evil behemoths, each 
of which would now have the government-provided stamp of legitimacy.  We 
want them to continue to act the same way they always have, so that we 
can completely eliminate them.

We don't want this virus to mutate.  We want to exterminate this plague 
upon the planet.

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