[SATLUG] Microsoft Contributes Linux Drivers to Linux

ed horned0wl93 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 20 23:59:39 CDT 2009

Michael wrote:
> ed wrote:
>> Or, maybe they're looking for new in-roads to further patent 
>> infringement lawsuits; or, maybe they're nefariously trying to put 
>> back-door holes into Linux platforms akin to their attempted 
>> sabotage/hijacking of Firefox with their Microsoft.Net 3.5 
>> "extension"...  Yeah, I'm cynical too, and, I think, with good reason...
>> Cheers;
>> Ed
> I didn't see that what.  Please post some details on the extension you 
> are referring to.
> Mike
Please do a Google search on "Microsoft Sabotage Firefox."  If you 
haven't heard about this already (and I teach the fix in my A+ classes), 
you're in for a real eye-opener...


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