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Can you tell me if the cost of the RHCE really is close to $800?

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I heard quite a bit a...
Having taken the ~7 hour RHCE test, I can safely say that it is an accurate
reflection of depth/breadth of knowledge.  The RHCT (Technician) part (first
2.5 hours or so) is all about OS operations (booting, troubleshooting, run
levels, users, package/software management, disk management, basic
configuration) and the RHCE portion (last 3.5 hours or so) is all about
advanced OS (SELinux, auditing/quota, etc) and service configuration (HTTP,

What so hard to tell is just what level a person's know how really is in >
linux > and I wanted to ...
If I were to take it again, I would spend the most time working on the
Service Config Knowledge, particularly the biggies: HTTP, SMTP/POP/IMAP,
normal security stuff (SELinux, host.allow/.deny, etc) and the like.

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wrote: > > > Brad Knowle...

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