[SATLUG] Getting more Linux/Unix expertise

Todd W. Bucy toddwbucy at grandecom.net
Wed Jul 22 14:12:39 CDT 2009

Kevin Buckner wrote:
> You hit the nail on the head about paper technicians. That is why I want
> real expertise and not just a paper title.
> I think certification and the home lab will be necessary for real linux
> expertise. Does anyone know of any
> open source linux projects they would recommend?
For a home lab, and mind you this is one of the biggest F/OSS projects 
out there, I would recommend LinuxMCE.  As it combines several other 
F/OSS projects under one platform.  That said it is pretty well managed 
for a F/OSS project with over 3 millions lines of code. And its modular 
enough so that you can learn one particular feature at a time  This 
particular project though will end up making my whole house a lab.



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