[SATLUG] Probably been beaten to death, but....

FIRESTORM_v1 firestorm.v1 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 23 18:58:49 CDT 2009

I'm looking for recommendations on building a low-power router for my
network.  My WRT54G w/dd-wrt is becoming unstable, not always coming
back from a reboot, not always pumping the WAN interface for an IP,

I want to build a router out of standard PC parts, but want to build
something that's flexible where I can add and remove NIC cards without
having to recompile the images on the disk to add/remove software from
the router. I want something low power and I have several CF cards
~64MB and a 4GB microdrive (with IDE adapters)  that I was wanting to
use instead of a regular IDE drive.

The end goal is something that's not gonna kill my power bill but
something that I can customize relatively easily.  I'm also looking
forward to using MRTG from another machine to poll the interfaces so
SNMP is a must.

What do you all recommend? What do you use? Any specific
hardware/software configurations that I should consider or stay away
from? Enquiring minds want to know!

Thanks in advance!


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