[SATLUG] vi editor and insert mode as regular user

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Fri Jul 24 00:52:30 CDT 2009

on 7/23/09 10:00 PM, Chris Hudson said:

>   Not sure what the issue is, but just wanted to mention that you shouldn't
> have to use the arrow keys to move around in Vi.
> The j and k keys will move you up and down, and w and b will move you
> forward and backward a word at a time.

Indeed, being dependent on the extra keys working (like insert, cursor 
keys, etc...) is a crutch that you want to stay away from.  There are 
times when your terminal settings are badly enough messed up that you 
simply can't type these key sequences at all, or if you do type them 
then they don't have the effect you want.  With vi, you really, really 
want to learn the original native commands and sequences for everything.

Also, don't get wrapped up in vim extensions (like color syntax parsing, 
or whatever), because vim is not universal, whereas the core vi stuff is 
pretty universal.

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