[SATLUG] Linux as a Desktop and more expertise

Al Castanoli afcasta at satx.rr.com
Sun Jul 26 20:56:15 CDT 2009

On Sun, 2009-07-26 at 19:20 -0500, Tweeks wrote:
> On Friday 24 July 2009 07:35:03 pm Robert Pearson wrote:
> [...]
> > Does this work both ways? Does "apt/apt-get" have that capability?
>> [discussion of using apt-get to switch between Gnome and KDE]

> Well, that's not /quite/ how it works.  Once a desktop installed it's 
> installed.  

> [...]

> The display manager (the login GUI) is controlled here:
> 	/etc/X11/default-display-manager
> But you don't need to change the DM to change 
> desktops.  You only need to change DMs if need a feature of the other DM.  But 
> more to the point -- whether in gdm or kdm, once you have both desktops 
> installed, you can always choose which desktop you want to run simply by 
> selecting it in the DM GUI before hitting enter on your password when logging 
> in.  After you select a desktop environment, that will be your new desktop 
> until you change it again.
> Tweeks

I always liked the switchdesk gadget in the RPM driven distros
RedHat/Fedora/Scientific Linux/Mandriva/CentOS/SuSE
but when I tried to apt-get install it for Ubuntu, it wasn't found.

Al Castanoli

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