[SATLUG] Bittorrent and Hard drive failure

Herb Cee hc at lookcee.com
Wed Jul 29 16:38:28 CDT 2009

MK Davis Jr wrote:
> While doing  large bit torrent download, I've had two hard drives to 
> fail during or within days thereof.  I've googled  and there appears 
> to be some concern that a failure maybe caused by excessive  Hdrive 
> usage. I have used Dban software, a disk wipe program, that read/write 
> the Hdrive for hours with no failures. I wonder if any of you have had 
> a similar experience.
> Mike
I am far from an expert in mag disk technology but since buying my first 
20Meg HD (paying $275 for it) I have learned to run one of the disk 
health progs and if a bad sector shows up go buy a replacement drive 
cause it is gonna fail. We are dealing with a motor that is spinning the 
disk and has bearings and a wobble is simply not allowed so there cannot 
be any play in the motor shaft then you have a step motor that 
magnectically moves the RW heads exactly to the track that is addressed 
and again no slop allowed has to be less than a cig paper from the 
surface while travling close to 2" .... So all HDs are gonna fail and 
the minute you see the first errors plan on replacing if the data is 

I also have had sudden failures and in every case but one I was able to 
recover my data. one time tho I lost all the writing and research I had 
done for a 2yr period and it still is lost out there in the bit-lost 
land. I also confess that I do not understand the disk progs for Linux 
and I do need to read on health checking progs ... maybe others can post 
their fav prog on this thread without hijacking the subj.

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