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David Kowis dkowis at shlrm.org
Wed Jul 29 20:20:05 CDT 2009

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Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Howard Haradon wrote:
>> Don't this beat all !
>>> From ComputerWorld:
>> According to the Foundation's press release, here's how it works: "The
>> Linux Foundation is partnering with CardPartner Inc. to offer the
>> affinity Linux credit card through UMB Bank. The Linux Foundation will
>> receive $50 for every activated card as well as a percentage of every
>> purchase made with the credit card. All funds from the Visa card
>> program will go directly towards providing community technical events
>> and travel grants for open source community members in order to
>> accelerate Linux innovation."
>> http://www.linuxfoundation.org/programs/linux-credit-card
> Well I had a similar Linux card and it was taken over by NCNB (or
> similar) and their new terms were unacceptable to me.  If you were 1 day
> late with a payment, it was a $40 fee.  I pay my full balance every
> month and some banks have been known to delay processing a payment after
> receiving it just to get the late fee.
> I prefer USAA.  (Anybody can apply to the Savings Bank). If you have
> good credit with them, there is no late fee at all up to 30 days.
> All the rest of the stuff about protecting your purchases, etc are
> pretty standard of virtually any Visa or Mastercard based product.

Don't do credit anymore. I donate to my linux distribution, and I pay in
cash. With cash that I saved. Not borrowed cash.

Nothing against Visa or MasterCard, they just provide transactions and I
love having a MasterCard "check card."

Just me,
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