[SATLUG] Mom's computer caught fire

ed horned0wl93 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 11:23:43 CDT 2009

I have an old HP Pavilion 530i already setup with Ubu (8.04, I think...) 
that's just gathering dust.  Not the fastest thing on the planet, but 
everything works.  Interested?


christopher.lemire at gmail.com wrote:
> Hello, I feel really bad now that my mom does not have a computer to use. Would someone please donate parts because not everything seems to be destroyed. She used that computer to stay in contact with me. I live in houston now (should be back to SA in less than a year). The parts that are destroyed are the motherboard along with all integrated sound, integrated video, memory. The fire seemed to start from where the heatsync fan plugs into the motherboard. Linux for the machine is fine. She just needs to know that the virus problems she's been having will be non existant in linux, ubuntu is really not that hard to use, and not to listen to all that nonsense from my grandfather who dislikes linux cause I use it instead of his favorite vista. Travis once asked me where he could find vista. I asked have you looked in a dumpster? They don't call it vista ultimate garbage edition for nothing. Sorry, I got a little side tracked. She just needs to know that it will function for everything she needs it for (she uses ms office for her job) and it will run more efficiently. The proc may still be good. If you need me to say what it is, tell me how to find out since the comp won't turn on. Does it say on the backside of the chip maybe. Since I've told what parts do work, you guys should be able to find the ones that don't and donate if you have any spares. Or one of those computers you guys give away once in a while with a fully loaded fresh install of ubuntu 9 would be nice. My mom really needs this for communication with me in houston, communication with my sister at a university in California and for her job. Thanks and please mail me off the list. 
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