[SATLUG] system crash update

Herb Cee hc at lookcee.com
Wed Jun 3 14:58:38 CDT 2009

ed wrote:
> Michael wrote:
>> Cheryl Holmes wrote:
>>> *Hi everyone, I'm looking forward to going through the digests and 
>>> reading
>>> what I've been missing the last few weeks while I have been offline.
>>> I haven't a clue what's going on with this machine...mem socket bad or
>>> graphics card?  The browser crahed again a few minutes ago but got 
>>> it up and
>>> running again. I did have to remove the 3rd brand new stick of 512 
>>> sdram mem
>> Forgive my ignorance, but aren't memory sticks supposed to be added in
>> pairs?
>> Yes, Momma always told me to keep quiet if I didn't know what I was
>> talking about
>> but for some reason, I thought additional memory cards had to be added
>> in pairs.
>> Michael
> Naah...   Everything after PC100, since the advent of dual-channel 
> RAM, has been able to run in single stick.
> Cheers;
> Ed
I did a lot of reading for this new upgrade I did and here is what I 
Ed is correct, when we still used the SIMMs you had to install in pairs 
because of the way Ram is used in the CPU clock. back then we only has 
16bit data paths. The next step was to go to the longer sticks with 
168pins and that was really 2 sticks made on same form had a single bank 
on either side and was to serve the 32bit machines,then that got changed 
to the Sdrams that have two banks on one side or just 1 then they went 
to the 240pin design that has 4 banks on each chip, so you can run in 
either 32 or 64bit mode.

Now i think the above can be used in diff ways of arranging the RAM 
circuits for either reg non-parity or Ecc or some other arrangement but 
I hope they stay with the 240pin I recently bought 4 sticks of 4GB ea 
for $60 inc S&H. and they all work

Anyway I found Mem hard to grasp and I think follow the specs in the 
manual is the right way to determine what the mobo wants since both the 
CPU and the data path determine it.

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