[SATLUG] system crash update

ed horned0wl93 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 21:55:19 CDT 2009

To: bartonekdragracing at yahoo.com
> *Hi Alex,
> I'm still "trying" to set this thing up////I did install the new mem stick I
> have here that arrived the day after you received my PC...MAJOR TROUBLE..so
> had to take it out.  It makes my stsem very unstable, crashing everything
> every time I tried to open Firefox, synaptic or anything.  Everything would
> just crash no matter what I tried to do.
> I haven't tried opening synaptic after removing the mem stick yet....but
> Firefox hasn't crahed yet..:O)
> I wonder if the socket for the mem might be bad since neither the 256 or the
> 512 worked in it?  what do you think?  or might there be an issue with the
> video card using that mat of mem?
> Since the pages on Firefox doen't get as large as they did using Hardy and
> Firefox, I may try Opera browser???  Control + just isn't enlarging the
> print enough for me to see it...:o(  maybe i need to poke around Firefox
> "preferences" to see what I might be able to do???  or check "add-ons and
> synaptic?"

In Synaptic, you should be able to locate and install "Orca Screen 
Reader and Magnifier."
> this is a really odd problem here with the mem...that is bugging me since I
> wanted to max it out...
> will take me a few days to poke around here i think since i can't see the
> print or the curser...then i can see what else might be going on...
> i'm really puzzled with this thing...thanks! cheryl*

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