[SATLUG] welcome back and etc

Cheryl Holmes cherylholmes72 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 4 11:23:47 CDT 2009

Thanks Geoff!

Hi Alex,

I know it is puzzling you...what this thing is doing or not doing..but it
acts like it "forgets" things.  I have the print / font aize set in Firefox
yet it doesn't remeber it from one website to the next.  Emails are missing
that were previously there on gmail, can't use yahoo mail at all because
while the yahoo website where my inbox is, is set in a font I can see, when
I open an email it becomes microscoptic and looks like tiny ants on the
page, can't adjust screen resolution, it won't let me, won't let me run
Synaptic, and the very first thing that alarmed me was it wouldn't load
Hardy for you when Hardy had been on it since Hardy was released.  It should
have loaded Hardy...I suspected bad sectors on the HD or that it had failing
sectors on it, but have no idea how to check that part out.  I never
suspected component or board breakdown.

I did change the CMOS battery less than 2 years ago when it acted like it
had memory loss before like with the time and date.

The more I run it and do what I do with it, the more I notice things it will
no longer do that it used to do.  That's all Alex...I don't know what else
to say..I know there were a few other things I'm noticing that I can't
remember right now.  On the surface, it does seem fine, until you want to
change website font sizes, enlarge print, change screen resolution, run
synaptic.  My printer won't run in this version either for some reason.  It
won't let me install HPLIP and Hpoj.

I can't help but still suspect the HD but have no way to chk it.

YES, I do have A/C and have always had AC.  It's Herb who doesn't.  I
couldn't live without it especially with all my medical problems.  The heat
would make everything I have much worse and could kill me.  I keep it as
cold as I can get it in here.

It's frustrating to not be able to see...I love fooling with computers...the
hardware anyway.  While I was very advanced in Windoze, I'm a moron in Linux
OS and software.  Just so thankful you Alex and Herb have come to my
rescue!  Like you said, this new system will be AWESOME!  It should last a
long time I would think at least as long as mine is old now, 8-9 years or
more.  Maybe even longer than I will last who knows!

Geoff, I'm curious, you mentioned a cap...do you still troubleshoot down to
the component level?  I know that was done way back when mobo's cost over
$1000.  You'd get a schematic and troubleshoot, but I didn't think anyone
does that now that boards have come down so much in price...that's terribly
labor intensive..just curious...cheryl

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