[SATLUG] Putting in an order for new, leather pocket protectors

Tweeks tweeks at rackspace.com
Thu Jun 4 18:22:12 CDT 2009

These M.D. grade leather pocket protectors are hard to find, but I have a 
source on them and am preparing to place another bulk order here soon:

and come in the following colors:
        * Black
        * Burgundy Red
        * Navy Blue
        * Brown
        * Cheyenne Brown
        * Natural Beige
        * Suede Russet Brown
        * Basketball Leather Orange
        * Football Leather Brown

I will be ordering these without any logo or embossing on them (otherwise min 
order is like 100 count).  I usually get 3-4 of them for myself in various 
colors (to go with different clothes or as whim dictates).  They also go 
great with Linux/FOSS lapel pins and small stickers:
	https://usshop.ubuntu.com/product.php?code=09 93109&catid=2

But before I place my order.. I need to get a count and desired colors from 
those serious about ordering them.  I don't have an exact price yet.. but 
last time I got them, they were between $6-7 each IIRC.

Contact me off list.


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