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Geoff geofff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Fri Jun 5 17:33:49 CDT 2009

Cheryl Holmes wrote:
> Thanks Geoff!
> Geoff, I'm curious, you mentioned a cap...do you still troubleshoot down to
> the component level?  I know that was done way back when mobo's cost over
> $1000.  You'd get a schematic and troubleshoot, but I didn't think anyone
> does that now that boards have come down so much in price...that's terribly
> labor intensive..just curious...cheryl

The capacitors on a mother board are easy to see, if the pop... they
'poof' up at the point. 

mostly, the capacitors that have 3 points on them, and they're raised up
a bit where the points come together at the top.
That's not a normal shape for a capacitor.

These capacitors are being used as filters at a -much- higher frequency
than what capacitors are used to. 
A 3300uf (micro-farad) @ 15vdc cap just can't handle extended periods in
the UHF range.  They 'poof'.

Grab some replacements, find the ones that are bad, twist 'em off with a
pair of pliers (*AFTER* you note polarity) leaving two little stubby
legs sticking up, and solder some new caps, perhaps at a slightly higher
voltage rating, and continue life.

a couple of bucks is cheaper than a couple of $100 for a new mb, cpu
ram, etc...

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