[SATLUG] Mailing list style

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sat Jun 6 17:35:42 CDT 2009

Sugar wrote:
> Well, I top post - and that makes you read what I have to say rather 
> than re-read the old mail that went before - so that is the way it is

If you choose to be rude and disregard a request from the site admin, then you 
only look small, lazy, and selfish to others.

Note that along with not top posting, the sender should also trim the posts to 
the specific points that are being addressed.  I agree that readers should not 
have to wade through tons of irrelevant quoted text.

It is the responsibility of the poster to make their posts readable.  If they 
don't, the messages will not have their intended effect.

It you absolutely have to top post, I'd prefer you just delete the entire 
message before posting.  Then you can top and bottom post at the same time.
Context can still be maintained via prior posts.

   -- Bruce

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