[SATLUG] USENET and Mailing List posting netiquette.

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sat Jun 6 18:12:06 CDT 2009

Ian L. Target wrote:

>> Perhaps someone who is familiar with the mailing list software can
>> provide instruction on how one retrieves their password and then
>> changes their preferences.  That would be much more useful than this
>> stupid little rant session that has ensued.

If you go to the page at the bottom of each email,


you should be able to put in your email address next to the button "Unsubscribe 
or edit options".  When you go to that page, there is an option to mail you your 
password.  Also, if you haven't deleted it, there are reminder messages sent the 
first of every month with your email address there.

> Are you saying subscribers who opt for the digest as opposed to
> individual posts shouldn't be able to post to the list?

No, that's not reasonable.  There really isn't a way for a digest user to thread 
a reply so we will have to live with that.

   -- Bruce

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