[SATLUG] USENET and Mailing List posting netiquette.

Charles Hogan cd_satl at futuretechsolutions.com
Sat Jun 6 18:31:46 CDT 2009

Ian L. Target wrote:
> Charles Hogan wrote:
>> Ian L. Target wrote:
>>> That clown again.... wrote:
>>>> Having a look here might help. It's about USENET and Mailing List
>>>> posting netiquette.
>>>> http://linux.sgms-centre.com/misc/netiquette.php
>>>> Cheryl,
>>>> Here's the section that explains why proper threading is good and
>>>> why thread hijacking isn't. It does make sense.
>>>> http://linux.sgms-centre.com/misc/netiquette.php#threading
>>> Upon reading the above, (OK, I only skimmed over it) I didn't see where
>>> it addressed the issue Cheryl is having.  If she gets the digest and
>>> responds, how is she to have any control over the threading?  I could be
>>> wrong (it does happen on rare occasions), but I don't think she can
>>> control that.  I am sure that there is more than one reader out there
>>> that will correct me if this isn't the case.  Anyone . . . ?
>> Perhaps someone who is familiar with the mailing list software can
>> provide instruction on how one retrieves their password and then
>> changes their preferences.  That would be much more useful than this
>> stupid little rant session that has ensued.
> Are you saying subscribers who opt for the digest as opposed to
> individual posts shouldn't be able to post to the list?

I'm not the one that started this steaming pile, but I do remember where 
Cheryl was going to change her options but was unable to authenticate, 
then this pile started without anyone offering any sort of useful advice 
at all.  The only other thing I mentioned in this discussion was how I 
didn't want a top/bottom posting flame war.  I never in any way 
mentioned that digest subscribers shouldn't post to the list.

Seeing as how I rarely switch to threaded view,(I prefer seeing my 
e-mails in the order received) , I could care less about this whole 
threaded/non-threaded thing, so mangle the headers as you see fit.

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