[SATLUG] USENET and Mailing List posting netiquett

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Sun Jun 7 00:48:34 CDT 2009

on 6/6/09 7:12 PM, Cheryl Holmes said:

> Yes, that is exactly what they're saying.  If we subscribe to digest, we're
> not allowed to post.  In digest, we have to send a new email to post and the
> only way to control the subject is to copy and paste that line.

Actually, there may be another solution here.  If you get your digests 
in MIME format, and you have a mail reader that can properly understand 
MIME format, then you could open each digest in much the same way you 
open a folder, and read each message in that digest/folder individually, 
and your replies to individual messages should retain the necessary 
header information to keep message threading intact.

In fact, keeping message threading intact is one of the primary reasons 
why MIME format digests were created in the first place.

> Intolerance and lack of understanding other's  is rude.  It's also
> condescending and totalitarian.    cheryl

Breaking message threading is mildly annoying for some of us, and very 
annoying for a few.  But IMO top posting and not trimming quotes are 
much, much more annoying and from what I've seen you don't do either of 
those things.

So, in the grand scheme of things, I don't think you have that much to 
worry about Cheryl.  Bruce has given you the instructions for how you 
can get your password sent to you so that you can log in and change your 
subscription options, but if that doesn't work or you simply don't want 
to do it, then I won't hold it against you.  And since I've been 
supporting the Mailman project for over five years, and I'm the ranking 
member of the Mailman Cabal that is on this list, I will violently 
defend you against anyone else who sees otherwise.

If people want to get old flamewars restarted, then I'm going to make a 
point of going after the top-posters and the people who don't trim their 
quotes, and once we get rid of all them (or get them to change their 
ways), we can see who is left standing.  I'm a veteran with twenty-five 
years of experience in flamewars, and I'm perfectly happy to get out the 
old Mark II flamethrower and Asbestos longjohns, if that's the way 
people want to be.

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