[SATLUG] Linux Skype 64-bit

Mary Yatti yatinhat at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 7 13:12:19 CDT 2009

I live in rural Bandera, Tx and have been using Skype w/USB phone for the past month on my Dell Inspiron laptop.  For broadband connectivity, I use a Sprint aircard.  I pay $4.00 a month to make phone calls anywhere in the USA.  I pay nothing to talk internationally to my relatives who also have Skype.  

Sadly, my laptop is only 32 bit and I've been using Windows Vista OS.  I really like FAST, FREE (as in troublefree) surfing experiences while I search for the end of the Internet (I'm told it has no beginning and it has no end).  

I'm thinking that I will buy a 64 bit laptop and / or desktop in the next few months because I only have one laptop right now...   The laptop I have has been in the shop for several hardware failures (and it's a dell).  Thank goodness, it's under warranty.  I need to have a spare one for my jobs.  I freelance write, telecommute for my software engineering job and also work for CHCS.  

I plan on installing Ubuntu and use Skype.  Any Suggestions?


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