[SATLUG] Linux Skype 64-bit

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Jun 7 13:21:39 CDT 2009

Mary Yatti wrote:
> I live in rural Bandera, Tx and have been using Skype w/USB phone for the
> past month on my Dell Inspiron laptop.  For broadband connectivity, I use a
> Sprint aircard.  I pay $4.00 a month to make phone calls anywhere in the USA.
> I pay nothing to talk internationally to my relatives who also have Skype.
> Sadly, my laptop is only 32 bit and I've been using Windows Vista OS.  I
> really like FAST, FREE (as in troublefree) surfing experiences while I search
> for the end of the Internet (I'm told it has no beginning and it has no end).
> I'm thinking that I will buy a 64 bit laptop and / or desktop in the next few
> months because I only have one laptop right now...   The laptop I have has
> been in the shop for several hardware failures (and it's a dell).  Thank
> goodness, it's under warranty.  I need to have a spare one for my jobs.  I
> freelance write, telecommute for my software engineering job and also work
> for CHCS.
> I plan on installing Ubuntu and use Skype.  Any Suggestions?

I think your problem is running Vista.  64-bit systems are not necessarily fater 
than 32-bit systems.  What 64-bits give is the ability to address more than 4G 
RAM.  It may also be useful if you are solving partial differential equations.

Why don't you save yourself the money and just put Linux on your current laptop. 
  I run a Linux From Scratch system on a 32-bit laptop and it's just fine. 
There's no reason why something like Ubuntu or Fedora wouldn't run fine on your 
current system.

   -- Bruce

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