[SATLUG] Linux Skype 64-bit

Herb Cee hc at lookcee.com
Sun Jun 7 18:17:22 CDT 2009

Enrique Sanchez Vela wrote:
> --- On Sun, 6/7/09, Mary Yatti <yatinhat at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> From: Mary Yatti <yatinhat at yahoo.com>
>> I plan on installing Ubuntu and use Skype.  Any
>> Suggestions?
>> Mary
> look at tigerdirect.com or newegg.com , there you might find good deals I don't have stock or get paid in anyway from any of them, feel no remorse shopping anywhere else. ;)
> best regards,
> enrique.

Mary I am following this thread cause I am interested in using skype 
also. I have to assume that enrique is referring to your choice of a new 
lappy and so flat agree that just buy it at the best price you can find 
and I think choosing a 'personal' puter is really finding one that you 
like the look and feel of, ... what the hell they all being assembled 
with connected units inside a case all made in Tiawan/sold in HongKong, 
lol go try em out and then research the ones you like best w google to 
see what others are saying.

Now in considering your choice it really depends on how deep you wish to 
dive into the deep lake of our tech-world and taking each part of your 
choices into further research to see if the newer invocations are 
included, .. if they are important to your usage. Me? I have not yet 
owned a Lappy and I doubt I would be happy with the KB being other than 
the old IBM 'Clicky ... sort of mute when your world is mainly confined 
to the back room of a very nice Class'A' motorhome, (Congor II 28', 1972).

Anyway, just my blah blah but I would welcome further discussion of 
using skype and especially Ubuntu 8.04 or 9.04? Also enterring a 
personal thing is I hate phones and avoid using them except.....
LOL hh = 'Hippy Herb, can also mean hung-up herb.
hh AKA herb

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