[SATLUG] crash update

Cheryl Holmes cherylholmes72 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 7 22:46:15 CDT 2009

Well, tomorrow is the day I try to install all the new parts Herb sent me,
mobo, graphics card, hd myself!  So, I may be offline for awhile, if things
don't work out so well for me.

Herb is doing an instructional write up for me on the mobo install but I
have no way to print it, so I'll have to memorize it.  Herb has the same
mobo so he will do a step by step for me.  Thank you so much Herb!  Never
done a mobo install before but have done the other stuff.  Herb has
preloaded Hardy on the HD to make it easier for me!

Ordinarily, I would say a mobo is no big deal for me.  I'm hoping I can see
the screws.  That's the main thing.  I only have 1 eye left and the vision
in that eye is 20/800 to 20/1000 from a rare genetic retina disease that
causes repeated detachments.  I can't focus that eye which makes it worse
since it still has silicone oil in it from my last retina repair op.

I do want to take a minute to thank Alex onlist (though I did thank him in
person ) for using his compressor to blow out my current system, cleaning it
for me...I couldn't see the dust...it was embarrassing.  He also tried to
figure out why I got that odd error and why Hardy wouldn't load.  No clue
there.  All the new Sdram mem sticks work just not when I put any in socket
3.  And this system is running Jaunty but not so well.

Looking forward to going back to Hardy where everything worked just fine
before, even my printer!

So, thank you Alex for what you did cleaning this out and getting something
to finally work on here.  I do appreciate it very much.

Waited for you to call all day but no luck, so I'll do it myself.  I hope I
can see the screws because I really do love working with hardware and want
to learn how to do all this myself.  Herb is going to tell me what to plug
in where and how to take the screws out of the mobo, including the grounding
washers so I get in in there correctly...

Wish me luck...cheryl

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