[SATLUG] Looking for a one day consultant.

Sugar ftm at satx.rr.com
Mon Jun 8 12:39:47 CDT 2009

I am looking for a one day consultant to come over and set up a virtual 
server or dedicated server with ubuntu, replacing windows server 2003 
enterprise, set up web space, mysql, and postfix.  This will be on a Dell 
Dimension 8200.  I will be glad to reimburse your expenses and your fee, if 
reasonable.  continuing support will not be needed.  I would also like to 
set up a second machine as a DNS server, if possible with ubuntu.
What I am wanting to do  is to set up postfix to receive mail, spam and 
virus scan and forward it to a windows server where the customer can pop 
his/her email and access webmail as well.  I already have the windows setup 
done, but am a real novice when it comes to the installation of Linux.
Interested? please reply off list, and I will give you my # with any details 
you need.
Thanks guys for allowing me to be on your list.  The tips and tricks I have 
been reading are very educational.

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