[SATLUG] (fwd) AT&T Usenet Netnews Service Shutting Down

ed horned0wl93 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 10 00:32:45 CDT 2009

Don Wright wrote:
> Got this from AT&T tonight. For those who know what NNTP is all about,
> the chocolate bar has been downsized again. Of course those of us who
> know what AT&T is all about feel that particular chocolate bar was stuck
> to the underside of a subway seat for a few years. C'est la vie.  --Don
> 0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0^0
> <news-support at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Please note that on or around July 15, 2009, AT&T will no longer be
> offering access to the Usenet netnews service.  If you wish to continue
> reading Usenet newsgroups, access is available through third-party
> vendors.
> Posted only internally to AT&T Usenet Servers.
They're only about a week behind TW/RR, who have also ceased running 
Usenet, but haven't informed anyone until they called-in to discover 
where Usenet went.  (One of my students relayed this to me in class last 


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