Nathan nathan at gvtc.com
Thu Jun 11 18:27:59 CDT 2009

I am still having problems sending new messages to the mail server.  I sent two last night that did not get through.  This one is a 'reply' to an existing message.  Is the mail server still blocking some IP addresses like the web site was?

What I sent last night was:

A reminder to Steve about the Open Source Fest and the Install Fest.

A request to the members to come up with an idea for what to showcase at the computer show on Aug 29.

An idea to try and have the group work on a open source / cross platform program that would maybe take a year to get done that we could talk about for 15 min. or so each meeting and show off our progress at the computer shows.  The program I sujested was a simple one person Calendar program not aimed at a work group or a web site, but one that a person might keep track of items for themselves.


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