[SATLUG] /tmp setting

Andrew Pickens wg5o at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jun 15 14:06:46 CDT 2009

 I need some help with /tmp. I have Ubuntu 8.04, with the photo program 
F-Spot.  It has a nice "send by mail" feature that I can't make work.  
I'm using Thunderbird.  For example, when I attempt to send photo 
1125.jpg the generated e-mail, with attached photo, fails with a message 
like this:

"Sending of message failed.
"Unable to open temporary file /tmp/tmp3b1e4267.tmp/img_1125.jpg. 
Check your 'Temporary Directory' setting."

Just before attempting to send the e-mail, /tmp looked like this:

andy at Izzy:/tmp$ ls
gconfd-andy     orbit-andy  seahorse-WzHXrc       tmp.cYaFox5929
gconfd-root     orbit-root  tmp3b1e4267.tmp       Tracker-andy.6121
keyring-q0OXNU  pulse-andy  tmp77ece4da.tmp..jpg  virtual-andy.apbDLN
andy at Izzy:/tmp$

What do I do?  I haven't a clue about " 'Temporary Directory' setting."


Andy Pickens
San Antonio

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