[SATLUG] Ubuntu AD Users

ed horned0wl93 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 07:10:55 CDT 2009

Tom, et., al.;

AD and Common User Questions...

I have a Linux Ubuntu box at work that readily logs onto AD and
communicates with the full domain and sub-domains.

Logging into the local machine, I see that the /home directory is acting
pretty much like Winderz Documents and Settings -- creating a sub- /home
folder for each sub-domain (after someone from that sub-domain logs in),
and an individual /user-home folder within the logged-in user's
sub-domain /home folder.  The active user gets the house-mark on his
/home/sub-domain/user-home folder.   All good so far...

My first question:  Is there any way in all of this, on the machine
itself, that I can setup a common applications folder, a'la
Windows/Documents and Settings/Default User, wherein any user logging in
on the Ubuntu machine will get a common desktop and set of applications
-- without having to re-install them for each individual account on the
machine?  Can this be done on the machine, or need it be done on the
server for a specific sub-domain?

My second question:  What's a good imaging tool (a'la: Ghost), which
won't corrupt Grub, that I can use to make image copies of the primary
load, and then later use to push that load to several machines at once?

Any help greatly appreciated.


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