[SATLUG] DVR harddrive

Geoff geofff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Wed Jun 17 23:47:45 CDT 2009

Does anyone know what sort of OS the TimeWarner DVR drives are using?

I finally convinced my 73 year old mother to drop TW/RR, and go with
AT&T for phone, tv and internet.  Saved her around $100/mo on her fixed
(so you can't live) income.

She hasn't given the DVR box back to TW yet, and had some shows she
recorded saved on there and wanted to know if it were possible to get
'em off before she gave up the box.  I said "Sure, it's possible!"
knowing there was a big thread about it here a year or so ago...

Principals were Jeremy Mann, Todd Bucy and (I think) Borries.  Perhaps
Dr. Bruce was in on that, as well.

What's the bottom line?  Open the box, pull the drive, connect it a PC
(with some sort of adapter, I'm ass/u/me'ing) and read the drive?
what format is it in?  Fat32, NTFS, ext3?

I'm guessing this is fairly typical of all cable systems, that offer


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