[SATLUG] OT: Coraid Storage and Other Options

Channing.ML at channingc.com Channing.ML at channingc.com
Fri Jun 19 19:48:45 CDT 2009

Hello all,

Ok - Ok - Warning to all those who don't like off-topic posts, step away 
from this thread --- it's toxic ;)

I need to replace a SAN and I don't want to pay for an EMC, or the 
like.  I looked at EquilLogic, but the price point was still a bit on 
the steep side.  The goal is to replace 54T of storage with a solution 
that can handle a 40/60 write/read profile..  The connections would be 
to a pair of Sun v1280's running 9 with Oracle on the SAN. 

Does anyone have anything good or bad to say about EquilLogic, or Coraid 
as a SAN for a pair of Suns running 9?  Are there other options out 
there I should look at?

Thank you to those who take the time.


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