[SATLUG] OT: Coraid Storage and Other Options

Channing Channing.ML at ChanningC.com
Sat Jun 20 08:41:13 CDT 2009

Robert Pearson wrote:
> On 6/19/09, Channing.ML at channingc.com <Channing.ML at channingc.com> wrote:
>> Hello all,
>>  Ok - Ok - Warning to all those who don't like off-topic posts, step away
>> from this thread --- it's toxic ;)
>>  I need to replace a SAN and I don't want to pay for an EMC, or the like.  I
>> looked at EquilLogic, but the price point was still a bit on the steep side.
>>  The goal is to replace 54T of storage with a solution that can handle a
>> 40/60 write/read profile..  The connections would be to a pair of Sun
>> v1280's running 9 with Oracle on the SAN.
>>  Does anyone have anything good or bad to say about EquilLogic, or Coraid as
>> a SAN for a pair of Suns running 9?  Are there other options out there I
>> should look at?
>>  Thank you to those who take the time.
>>  Channing
> The "solution" Strategy is to get a quote for a "real" solution from a
> competitive vendor and use that to beat down the price point of other
> vendors. The "name" vendors see your need as a "one off" sale and
> don't see any follow-on support money, which is where they make the
> big bucks. At one time HP was giving Storage away to sell Services.
> EMC has been known to offer discounts of 60% in competitive
> situations. Just depends on how their sales are doing.
> A typical scenario is this. In the "Best of All Possible Worlds" you
> would like to have the "name vendor X" solution for a number of
> technical reasons. The quoted price is not within your budget. Find
> out who the "name vendor X" competitors are, preferably the most
> competitive. Get a hard quote from them. Then using that quote get a
> quote from another "name vendor". Then have a session with your
> preferred "name vendor X".
> This really doesn't take very much time. It takes 10x longer to figure
> out your "number of technical reasons".
> Have you talked to anyone at Rackspace about what they use? About out-Storing?
> They are local and have some really sharp people. The Rackspace
> solutions do not fit everyone's needs. Caveat Emptor.
The pricing I was able to workout was 60% off plus free-bees and that's 
without a lot of work (i.e. - I didn't have to do a 3+ vendor showdown 
and really didn't have the time for it).  I haven't spoken to anyone at 
Rack, I'll see who I can ping.  The solution would need to be local.  We 
beat the tar out of this, so it needs to be local.  The last time 
someone saw our i/o, they were a bit surprised by the usage - it's not 

Anyone know if AoE is "there" yet?  Given that this is a billing system 
with high I/O and demand, I'm being cautious on the leading/bleeding 
edge option, but there is a push for the savings against the more 
traditional and higher priced solutions of FC and iSCSI.


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