[SATLUG] OT: Coraid Storage and Other Options

Henry Pugsley henry.pugsley at gmail.com
Sat Jun 20 18:45:10 CDT 2009

NetApp has some nice midrange storage solutions that can scale very
well. Their storage OS is fast and they support all connection types.
They are definitely going to be cheaper than a comparable EMC solution


On 6/19/09, Channing.ML at channingc.com <Channing.ML at channingc.com> wrote:
> Hello all,
> Ok - Ok - Warning to all those who don't like off-topic posts, step away
> from this thread --- it's toxic ;)
> I need to replace a SAN and I don't want to pay for an EMC, or the
> like.  I looked at EquilLogic, but the price point was still a bit on
> the steep side.  The goal is to replace 54T of storage with a solution
> that can handle a 40/60 write/read profile..  The connections would be
> to a pair of Sun v1280's running 9 with Oracle on the SAN.
> Does anyone have anything good or bad to say about EquilLogic, or Coraid
> as a SAN for a pair of Suns running 9?  Are there other options out
> there I should look at?
> Thank you to those who take the time.
> Channing
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