[SATLUG] PLS HELP, initramfs, busy box, still mesing with me

Herb Cee hc at lookcee.com
Mon Jun 22 08:27:19 CDT 2009

redpill-master wrote:
> I know that this has been a long running thread but could you please be
> so kind as to post the specs of your box.
> usually with those sort of errors I check all my physical connections in
> the box.  re-seat all connectors.  Also try to re-burn your media and do
> so at the slowest speed. Also, you should have a real close look at your
> bios settings.
> if you are able to get as far as the grub screen you might also want to
> try adding "acpi=noacpi".  if that doesnt work try "acpi=noacpi irqpoll"
> Finally was this a new hard drive or is it a used hard drive?  If it was
> used it might help (and is good practice anyways) to wipe the drive.
> Personally I use DBAN's quick wipe to clean disks.
> Todd
Todd let me try to clear some of this up. I just sent Cheryl an EM 
telling her to change the ribbon cable to the Pri-IDE. I am convinced 
that this has been the problem all along an intermittant loss of a data 
pin. Alex should have found this when he had the machine for 2weeks but 
unfortunately an intermittant problem is difficult to say the least.

Anyway I sent Cheryl a new ECS-PT890T-A _v1.0A mobo with a 3.2G Intel 
CPU and 4GB of mem. I sent an 80G HD that I had bought new 2yrs ago and 
only used that drive for backup. I also ran full diag and reformatted 
the drive, loading on Ubuntu 8.04 updated from a commercial printed 
disk, She has that disk and is running from the live CD of it. I also 
sent her a new IDE ribbon cable but unfortunately she used the old one 
when she swapped out the Mobo in to her case.

Her biggest problem Todd is she can barely see, her sight is 20/800 if 
you can imagine. Anyway I expect when her eyes are clear enough today 
for her to replace that cable and get the FrontPanel switches connected 
correctly she will be up and running ok. I had that Board/CPU/Mem/HD all 
running here for 3 days before sending it to her I set the CMOS 
correctly but the Vid card failed in between and she now has a new vid 
running just fine.

Thanks herb

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