[SATLUG] PLS HELP, initramfs, busy box, still mesing with me

Geoff geofff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Mon Jun 22 12:42:04 CDT 2009

Cheryl Holmes wrote:
> Hi everyone,

Hi, Cheryl!

> I wish I could just go into DOS and enter something to make everything work
> like in Win, that would be so much easier for me....
> Doesn't look like there's a fix from what I can tell.  I'm running on LIVE
> CD right now.  Erasing the HD doesn't make the problems go away either...

but... you can!  it's called "Command Line Interface" (or, more commonly
referred to on this and other LUG lists as 'cli'.)

If you're looking at a gui (Graphic User Interface) and want to do
something on a command line, the one thing you should remember about
Linux is, Linux was modeled after Unix.  Someone correct me if I'm
wrong, but I would say that *at least* (if not all) computer systems
that are running some *nix as the OS, are true multi-user/multi-tasking
systems.  Actually, it's the software that makes the system so.  The
same system can run Windows (not really multi-user/multi-tasking) or
Linux, or some other special OS.  Hardware requirements can be the same.

Alt-F1 will get you to the command line screen.  As will Alt-F2, Alt-F3,
Alt-F4.  Depending on the flavor of Linux you're running, either Alt-F5
(tty5) is the gui, or Alt-F7 (tty7) is the gui.

Without editing or modifying anything, I would look at
/etc/init.d/boot.d and read through those files and see how your system
is setup. 
You might learn something from within.

If nothing else, go look in your system log file (usually
/var/log/messages) and see if you can find any errors.

a helpful command would be:
:~> less /var/log/messages | grep -i initramfs

then post *exactly* what the log says is the problem.

Hope that helps!
I know it would help us help you better.


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