[SATLUG] Motherboard Issues with Fedora 9 and 10

Peter Cross pjcrux at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 15:01:51 CDT 2009

Hello All, yes it's me again.

I purchased a Biostar P4M900-M4 socket 478 mobo off of newegg and for the
life of me I can't get it to hold a linux image and boot. Does anyone know
of a resource that will help or more accurately recommend a board that will
support linux? This is my 4th (different) board I have tried and have had no
luck at all yet

If no one knows of a resource please let me know and yes I have tried google
and www.lmgtfy.com!

Also, does someone have a board they're willing to part with for a nominal
fee that is socket 478, DDR memory ((266, 333, or 400Mhz) two slots are
adequate but would love it if four were present), USB 2.0 and has two IDE


Peter J. Cross
San Antonio, TX

"Experience has taught mankind the necessity of auxiliary precautions"
-James Madison, Federalist Paper No. 51

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