[SATLUG] Motherboard Issues with Fedora 9 and 10

Borries Demeler demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Mon Jun 22 15:22:49 CDT 2009

> It will allow anaconda to install however after applying all of the updates
> (one of which requires a reboot) it will no longer boot and I have to start
> all over again...
> So in closing... I don't really know other than the mobo continually crashes
> Fedora. Everything I've found is conflicting as to whether the mobo supports
> linux or not officially no but others say yes (just not the Via GPU, no
> worries have a PCI-E card NVidia 7600)

If you get through an entire install it's not linux per se that's your problem.
It's the way the distribution installs the boot information, at least that's 
my hunch. Can you use a rescue disk and access the installed root partition that
way? Without an actual error message during boot time its hard to assess what's 
actually wrong, it could be that you are booting the wrong kernel. Have you tried
a different distro,, say Slackware 12.2?


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