[SATLUG] Opera Unite alternatives

redpill-master toddwbucy at grandecom.net
Tue Jun 23 14:50:43 CDT 2009

To answer Ernest's early remarks from a now dead thread.  I have not
tried plain old webserver (POW)  mostly because I just figured out how
easy it was to set up apache.  I set it up this morning for the first
time on my home server in about 3 hours.  

what really intrigued me about Opera Unite was the fact that they had
taken a webserver, media streamer, ftp server, chat room, and dynamic
dns service all in one package that is relatively easy to set up and
maintain.  WOW seems like (and I really hesitate to use this term) a
killer app to me....Ohh god I have just dated myself to the late


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