[SATLUG] Off Topic for this list but... Power Supply brands

Herb Cee hc at lookcee.com
Wed Jun 24 13:39:24 CDT 2009

bryan at beicker.com wrote:
>> what brands does everyone recommend?
> I have had good experience with Thermaltake.
> I used to like Antec, but every single Antec power supply that I have 
> bought in the last few years (50 units or so) has either died or now 
> emits very annoying electronic sounds.
> Look for the models with the "80 plus" label, as these tend to be 
> designed more efficiently than the normal power supplies.
Yeah, well I think most will agree that any production line suffers bad 
on Mondays so it's really a crap shoot with any big brand Monday equals 
snake-eyes. so also I can remember when Black and Decker was a prime 
name in tools and now they the most competitive quality ... best to buy 
from a money back source and blow on dose ivories.

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