[SATLUG] List activity

Geoff geofff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Sun Jun 28 10:24:02 CDT 2009

Samuel Leon wrote:
> I was talking to my uncle's kids the other day.  They live on the
> river in Seguin.  I told them that the next time they go swimming in
> the river to give me a call and I will join them.  They answered me
> with "It is too hot to go swimming."

It was sooooo hot.... (hehehe - you know what this will start, right? ;->)

... cows were giving powdered milk.

... I saw a tree chasing a dog.

... I saw a chicken lay a fried egg.

... I ... better stop there.

-Geoff (Baja Springinging, TX)

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